About Me

My name is Jonathan A. MacHale, and I’ve been doing photography since I was 16. It all started when my mother invested in a Nikon D5500, a simple, starter DSLR camera. I would borrow it from time to time and on one occasion, we went down to Marshall’s Falls in Marshalls Creek, PA to attempt to shoot my first waterfall. I already had the image in my head before I even left the house. We walked down there and I set up my tripod at the edge of the cliff, everything was going exactly how I imagined it. I set the ISO as low as it could go, the aperture way up high since it was a bright and sunny day, and the shutter speed to around 2-3 seconds. I released the shutter and then the image came up. It was at this moment I realized that photography was going to be my new hobby.

JonaMac photography
This is the photo that started it all

Flash forward to about a year later, I decide that I need my own equipment. With the help of my father, I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D750 with both a 28-300mm zoom lens and a 50mm prime lens. Things were definitely taking off at that point. As soon as I received them, I went out and shot just about anything that moved, and things that didn’t too. Soon some friends of mine were asking if I would do odd photography jobs for them here and there. After a while, I set up my own Facebook page for my work and I even ordered some prints of some of my best photos and had them hung in a local art gallery. It was fantastic, I had come so far from where I used to be. What was amazing for me was that I never went to school for this or had any proper training, only YouTube videos and random internet articles to help me learn. The best teachings came from going out and experimenting on my own time, seeing how the camera operates and slowly through trial and error, figuring out what works and what does not.

It wasn’t long before I started getting more equipment, things like external flashes, an extra lens, and even a secondary camera. I bought the Panasonic GH5 as an excuse to do more video work, since it does 4K 60fps, HDR video, etc. However, since it’s a mirrorless camera as opposed to a DSLR, it’s much lighter, so I usually travel with it, for example when I was roaming the streets of NYC, I constantly had that GH5 in hand.

Then one day my mom calls me and told me that she randomly bumped into a local photographer in the Mount Pocono Walmart parking lot. She used to work for this guy back about 30 something years ago and she had mentioned my name to him, saying how I was into photography and maybe he’d have a job for me. I called him and he said to stop by his studio to talk about some options. It went great and he hired me as one of his photographers. Starting from New Years 2018 until the end of summer that year, I worked with him, absorbing new techniques and learning a lot that I didn’t already know. We would mostly do family portraits at local resorts, we also did banquets, real estate, charity events, marathons, and I even did a small wedding and a political party. I was grateful to be working and learning with a guy who has been in the business since 1974. Though it was only temporary, I definitely came out a whole new photographer.

At the time of writing this, I’m working on a short film with a couple friends of mine, I was really excited to work on a project like this and so far it’s going great. I wrote part of the original script and with the help of my friends we’re slowly putting it all together. No spoilers! When it’s finished we’ll be putting it up on YouTube for all to see.

So in conclusion, I want to provide my talents and services to anyone looking for affordable, quality work. I look forward to serving you!